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Worthy One

My almost 2 year old daughter loves the song “Worthy One” by Nashville Life. She’s wise beyond her years because if I’d embraced the words of that song as a younger me, I would’ve saved myself a lot of stress. The lyrics say, “Your the only worthy one. The one and only worthy one.”

We as women often struggle with consistently feeling and believing we are enough for the many roles we fulfill. I personally have questioned my ability and qualifications to be most of the things I am called on a daily basis. I know I’m not the best wife, social worker, ministry leader, friend and definitely not the best blogger. Now add on to my insecurities my newest role, mother, and it’s all magnified. Will she see all my flaws and want to be the exact opposite of me? Will my parenting injure her in some way? In reality, we all know that friend who seems to have it all together. But guess what, if you really know your friend, you will know that it’s not true. None of us have it all together and if we’re truthful, we admit it, often. This is the exact theme of my blog, His strength in my weakness. Our shortcomings are a blessing in that they keep us dependent on God. In the past, I pursued personal and professional goals with the idea that one day I’d be this worthy person. Worthy of what, I don’t know. Probably worthy of all my roles and the roles I aspired to. God used older women in my life to challenge this thinking. One said, “did you ever think that made you like this to tether you to Himself?”. I am reminded of this every time I feel far from God in my heart. This usually is because I’m busy with life. You know, all the things. The mommying, the cooking, the cleaning, the full day wash day (if that’s confusing, check youtube), did I say the mommying (it’s like there’s two of me in that I have to do everything I do for myself for her plus some, lol). And then there’s all manner of distractions at my fingertips. I keep saying I’m not going to binge watch another series on Netflix and I fail every single time! Sometimes this state of being adrift from God has come about after choosing the temporary fix of escape and comfort in the midst of anxiety or stress instead of time with God in prayer and reading his words. Another wise saint said, “the older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Both of these statements led me to this conclusion. The best thing I can teach my daughter is to embrace all that God has made her and trust that He’ll be strong in the areas where she is weak. It’s simple, it’s a relief and it’s true. That’s all I got.


2 thoughts on “Worthy One”

  1. Amen Manda! Nice to see you writing again. I love the simplicity of God’s word. Yes, yes, yes I will take his perfect strength when I am weak any day. It is so much easier to bare. Agreed.
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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