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I love you Friday!

Emotion of worker from Monday to Friday

I woke up this morning and said to my husband, “Ugh, I wish it was Friday”. This is not uncommon for me. Sometimes I wake up and wish it was Saturday! I don’t usually say it out loud, but I think it. I often go through my week “living for the weekend” as they say. I’m not using that term in a “can’t wait to get my drink on” or “hit the club”, O’Jays type of “Living for the Weekend”. I just mean that I get tired in my mind and body from the pace of my life at times. I get tired of getting up early, working all day and coming home late Monday through Friday. I want the freedom and leisure that the weekends bring. Today, I’m grateful that as I was driving to work, I began to thank the Lord. I prayed,

“Thank you Lord for my job, and for allowing me to have a job that gives me the opportunity to help people. Help me bring You glory by serving others today and in how I conduct myself. Enable me to have joy in every moment instead of waiting for the day to pass me by, to have joy in knowing that I am reflecting You in every interaction. Help me take pleasure in the honor it is to represent your kindness to others.”

Other drivers probably wondered what I was listening to or who I was talking to as I shook my head and thought aloud during this prayer, saying to myself, “Wow, that should make my days delightful. I mean my days should be awesome!” I really gave myself a talking to as I reminded myself that I represent the God of the universe in every moment. Instead of sitting around trying to get through tasks of the day, wondering when it will be over and why the hours are going by so slowly, I can be thinking about what I can do in this moment to bring God glory. I should complete the various duties of my job as an act of service unto the Lord as the passage in Colossians instructs believers to do. Then my prayer continued in this way,

Help me walk in your ways by helping those who are helpless and harassed. Those who are looked upon as less than by society and even their families because of their addictions or because they are not as intellectually astute as the next person. Help me partner with people today. Help me be a light; but not a blind optimist or someone who sees the positive in everything. But help me be somebody who sees You, sees God, in everything. Help me do my job in a way that draws people to You, that lifts your name up, not puffs me up. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this Thursday that is not Friday. Help me bring You glory in it. Help me be grateful for this day because somebody didn’t get to have this day. Somebody is mourning this morning, crying out in pain because somebody they love didn’t make it to Thursday. Somebody doesn’t have a job today and don’t know how they’re going to pay their rent. Lord, help me not take for granted all that you’ve given by your grace, not by anything that I have done, but by your grace. Hallelujah.

I know I’m not the only one who loves Friday afternoons when you run out of the office for the weekend. You can admit it. This is a no judgment zone. There’s no shame in it. My name is Manda, and I love Fridays! I’m just glad that I’ve been reminded that each day has its new mercies….yes, even Mondays.



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